Vertisa Mobile Military Surgery Trailer

Mobile Military Surgery Trailer

Vertisa provides project-based mobile military surgery trailer production in line with all military needs. The mobile military surgery trailer is a mobile emergency surgical intervention unit used for emergencies in the military field. This mobile unit, which has a very modern interior and exterior design, was developed based on end-user specifications and transformed into a more functional form. Vertisa, which has an innovative perspective, also produces a mobile military surgery trailer with expandable features according to demand. Again, according to the need, a mobile military surgery unit can be designed and manufactured as a vehicle or truck.

Military Surgery Trailer (Surgery Trailer) General Features

The military surgical trailer, which is developed and manufactured based on user specifications, is also known as a surgery trailer for short. In general, the military surgery trailer is designed as an emergency surgical operation unit;

  • It is portable.
  • Its installation is practical.
  • It is practical to clean.
  • It has intensive care rooms whose temperature can be controlled with DX cooling coils.
  • It has a HEPA filtration system.
  • It has medical gas distribution panels.
  • Dimensions can be increased according to need.
  • It is expandable according to preference.

Expandable Military Surgery Trailer

An expandable military surgery trailer is a mobile surgical unit with hydraulic expandable features. It can be expanded in desired dimensions by controlling with hydraulic remote control. After the surgery trailer is deployed to a suitable place in the field, the expandable military surgery trailer can be expanded to the desired rate within minutes by pressing one or more of the different options on the remote control. The expandable military surgery trailer, which is ready to serve with the greatest space efficiency, has taken its place among the important military equipment developed as a result of Vertica’s expert R&D group studies. You can contact our expert technical teams immediately to get more detailed information and offers about this mobile unit.

Military Surgery Truck

A military surgery truck is a mobile surgical intervention unit that is designed to be used in the military field and can be used easily in all terrain and climatic conditions. Military surgery truck is also very functional in emergency response to the sick and injured in disaster areas. The military surgical truck has wide options as it can be produced in desired dimensions. Vertisa never compromises on quality, functionality, and solution-oriented approaches in the manufacture of military surgical trucks, which are easy to maintain.

Military Surgery Vehicle

A military surgery vehicle is a mobile unit designed for the army and civil defense organizations as emergency surgical response units. It is designed for early and on-site intervention to the sick or injured in war or disaster situations. The military surgical vehicle, which is produced with the capacity to take the necessary equipment, is reconfigured according to the need outside the standard dimensions. The military surgical vehicle, which is manufactured to be long-lasting and by European quality standards, is produced by Vertisa on a project-based basis for many countries.

Surgery Trailer Manufacturing

Surgery trailer manufacturing is carried out entirely within the framework of army needs. In the country and civil defense operations, mobile units are needed for the sick and injured, which should always be available. In this direction, Vertisa has focused on manufacturing surgical trailers equipped with smart technology. Vertisa, which has been designing and manufacturing mobile units for military use for 30 years, guarantees quality, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. You can get detailed information about all our mobile units produced in trailer, truck, or vehicle types by contacting Vertisa, which has completed all project studies in the field of surgery trailer manufacturing, which it produces worldwide.