Vertisa Project Based Military Trailer

Project Based Military Trailer

In the field of project-based military trailers, Vertisa designs and manufactures mobile units based on user specifications. Vertisa, which focuses on producing solution-oriented, quality, and functional mobile units, makes great use of advanced technology while doing this. Project-based military trailer types are produced by Vertisa in a modern sense thanks to its innovative perspective; Mobil military kitchen, mobile armored guard house, mobile command and control station, and more…

Military Mobile Solutions

Vertisa has been serving worldwide for 30 years in the field of military mobile solutions. Vertisa, which develops a wide variety of military mobile solutions completely tailored to the needs, produces products far above the standards with its expert team. Military mobile solutions that it has created by European quality standards; It is mobile drone control stations, mobile military kitchens, mobile criminal research labs, and more.

Military Trailer Manufacturing

Continuing its military trailer manufacturing works for many countries in Turkey for many years, Vertisa works meticulously on each military trailer. Vertisa, which works as a team with its expert R&D group, professional production team, and engineers, directs military trailer manufacturing studies for user needs. With its fast, functional, and solution-oriented approach, it produces all kinds of military trailers, which make significant contributions to the country and civil defense, on a project basis. Aiming to make modern productions with an innovative perspective, it has succeeded in raising the standards in this field with the production of expandable military trailers equipped with smart technology, which is one of the latest user needs.

Expandable Military Trailer

The expandable military trailer, manufactured by Vertisa on a project basis, is offered to users with the greatest space efficiency. The expandable military trailer has hydraulic expandability. To use this feature, it is enough to use the hydraulic remote control. To install the expandable military trailer, which is produced for various purposes; It will be enough to press one or more of the different options on the remote control of the military trailer deployed in a suitable area. Within minutes, the expandable military trailer is expanded to the desired dimensions. You can contact our expert technical teams immediately to get more detailed information about these mobile units, which provide a much larger space comfort than when they are on the move.

Military Utility Trailer

The need for various mobile units that need to be installed and used urgently in situations such as war or natural disasters is increasing worldwide. Units such as the need for food, the need for a surgical operation, and the need for a sentry box can be evaluated under the title of military utility trailer. Vertisa manufactures all these military utility trailer types within the framework of needs. You can get detailed information about all mobile military trailer solutions by contacting Vertisa, which produces high-quality and functional mobile units thanks to the advanced technology used in production.