Vertisa Mobile Movie Set Trailer

Mobile Movie Set Trailer

A mobile movie set trailer is a trailer-based mobile unit developed for the movie industry. The movie is also known as a set trailer. The number of mobile movie set trailer rooms and interior design, which has different size options according to the needs, is projected within the framework of the demands. The mobile movie set trailer, which offers the opportunity to work with up to 70 people at the same time, has basic sections such as a make-up room, kitchen, costume room, toilet, and shower. Vertisa mobile movie set equips the trailer with smart technology and enables it to be manufactured as expandable upon demand.

Movie Set Trailer

The movie set trailer is a highly functional and portable film set developed within the framework of the specifications of the cinema industry. The film set trailer, which can be produced in different sizes according to the needs, can be easily transported to any desired location and has all the systems and installations that can be self-sufficient. Vertisa customizes the movie set trailer according to European quality standards.

A Movie Set Trailer Manufacturing

Vertisa has been continuing its movie set manufacturing work in Turkey for a long time. Vertisa, which designs, develops, and manufactures movie set trailers for many countries, provides this with its expert work team. Quality, solution, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetic designs are the basic criteria for Vertisa. By closely following the constantly advancing technology, it successfully reflects its knowledge and experience on this subject in the field of movie set trailer manufacturing, as well as all trailer production, works. Attracting all the attention, especially with the expandable movie set trailer, Vertisa has become a pioneer in this field. You can get detailed information and offers about the movie set trailer by contacting Vertisa’s expert technical teams right away.

Expandable Movie Set Trailer (Expandable Movie Set Trailer)

Expandable film set trailer, also known as expandable movie set trailer, is a mobile unit manufactured by Vertisa on a project basis. The expandable movie set trailer installation, developed as a result of expert R&D group studies within the framework of the specifications of the users, is provided by hydraulic remote control. After the movie set trailer is positioned in the place to be used, one or more options on the remote control are selected. Within minutes, the expandable film set trailer expands outward from the sides. Thus, all kinds of set works are efficiently provided in this comfortable and spacious environment with the largest space efficiency.

A Custom Movie Set Trailer

With a custom movie set trailer, you can have a portable movie set with the desired features. Vertisa truly listens to and understands its customers in this regard, and combines the analysis results with sectoral specifications to produce a completely user-oriented custom movie trailer. The custom film set trailer, which makes it comfortable to shoot movies, clips, or advertisements in the required and desired place, has a very modern structure interior and exterior design.

Movie Set Trailer (Film Set Trailer) General Features

The movie set trailer (film set trailer), which is of high quality, long-lasting, and very practical to maintain, is a very important piece of equipment for the television industry. Continuous updating within the framework of technological possibilities has made the movie set trailer more functional. A movie set trailer;

  • It can be easily moved to the desired place.
  • Its installation is practical.
  • It offers the opportunity to work with up to 70 people at the same time.
  • It is expandable according to preference.
  • It has necessary systems such as an air conditioner, water, and generator.
  • Important sections such as resting room, make-up room, shower, kitchen, dressing room, and meeting room are designed within the framework of needs.