Vertisa Mobile Office Trailer

Mobile Office Trailer

Mobile office trailers are trailer-based mobile units developed by Vertisa for both business and travel purposes. A mobile office trailer allows you to do your office work as if you were in an office building, no matter how far you are. With its very comfortable and useful structure, the mobile office trailer is produced in many countries by Vertisa on a project basis.

Mobile Office Trailer Manufacturing

Mobile office trailer manufacturing is carried out by Vertisa in high-quality standards, completely designed specifically for the user. The mobile office trailer, which can be configured in the desired width and length, can also be produced with the expandable feature according to the demand. Thanks to Luxury mobile office trailers, it is possible to travel anywhere in the comfort of home and work in the comfort of the office.

Expandable Office Trailer

An expandable office trailer is realized as a result of Vertica’s expert R&D group studies in line with demands and needs. The expandable office trailer, which is positioned in a suitable place, can be easily expanded at the desired rate thanks to the hydraulic remote control. It will be enough to press the appropriate one from the different options on the remote control. The expandable office trailer provides comfortable working and resting opportunities with the largest space efficiency by moving away from its compact appearance in a very short time. For detailed technical information about the expandable office trailer and all other expandable mobile units, you can immediately contact our expert technical teams.

Luxury Mobile Office Trailers

Luxury mobile office trailers are mobile commercial units manufactured by Vertisa on a project basis, based on user specifications. Luxury mobile office trailers can also be produced optionally with the expandable feature. It is optimized for luxury mobile office trailers users by integrating mobility and advanced technology. These mobile units, which allow working freely without being tied to an office building, are both more cost-effective and highly effective mobile trailer solutions for work efficiency.

Portable Office Trailer General Features

A mobile office trailer is also known as a portable office trailer. The general features of the portable office trailer provide advantages to users in many ways;

  • The mobile office is portable.
  • It has all the equipment that a local office should have.
  • It can be adapted to have a separate desk layout for more than one employee.
  • It has internet, satellite and electrical system.
  • Installation and transportation are very fast and practical.
  • It can be adapted to all kinds of climatic conditions.
  • It can be customized according to need.
  • It is also produced in the form of an expandable portable office trailer, optionally.

Advantages of Job Trailer to Users

Job trailer is an alternative name for mobile office trailers. Job trailers are the mobile units that Vertisa specially designs and manufactures based on customer needs. Designed in very aesthetic structures with interior and exterior appearance, the job trailer is in a structure that will provide the following advantages for users;

  • Provides savings for companies, institutions, or organizations that are mobile office users.
  • It saves employees from being dependent on a fixed office building.
  • Since it can be updated continuously, disruptions in the workflow are prevented.
  • It provides a more spacious and open working environment.
  • It has rooms where routine needs can be met. (bathroom, kitchen, listening room, study area, toilet, etc.)
  • With the expandable mobile office, you have much more workspace than on the go.
  • It increases the productivity of the employees due to the comfort it offers.
  • Installation and assembly are very fast and practical.

Mobile Office For Sale

Vertisa continues to work in the mobile office for sale policy at affordable costs and within the framework of payment plans suitable for each customer. Visa, which also stays away from mass production in the field of mobile for sale, concentrates on the production of completely solution-oriented office trailers that are specially designed for each user or institution. Vertisa never compromises on quality, speed, and affordable costs in the production of office trailers, which it restructures outside of standard sizes.