Vertisa Mobile Quarantine Unit Trailer

Mobile Quarantine Unit Trailer

A mobile quarantine clinic trailer is a mobile hospital unit used to isolate patients or those who are suspected of being sick in case of an epidemic. Vertisa designs the mobile quarantine clinic unit trailer in line with the needs and manufactures it worldwide. The mobile quarantine unit trailer, which can be adapted to every region and climatic conditions, is equipped with smart technology according to demand and can be produced with expandability.

Mobile Quarantine Solutions

Vertisa mobile quarantine solutions optimize the mobile quarantine unit trailer for its users in line with the health sector specifications. Vertisa, which has been designing, projecting, and manufacturing trailer-based mobile health units for a long time, always directs its work with a solution-oriented and innovative perspective. Project-based mobile quarantine solutions produced by Vertisa are in European quality standards. In particular, the expandable mobile quarantine trailer attracts great attention around the world and receives many requests. With the production of expandable quarantine trailers, Vertisa has succeeded in offering mobile quarantine solutions far above user expectations.

Expandable Quarantine Trailer

An expandable quarantine trailer is a portable mobile unit with hydraulic expandability, manufactured by Vertisa on a project basis in line with needs and demands. The expandable quarantine trailer is controlled by hydraulic remote control. After the mobile quarantine trailer is positioned in a suitable area, you can expand the expandable quarantine trailer to the required dimensions by pressing one or more options on the remote control. The expandable quarantine trailer, which is installed in a very short time and does not must any physical power, offers the largest space efficiency developed by Vertisa to its users. You can contact Vertica’s expert technical teams immediately to get a quote and get more detailed information about Expandable quarantine.

Mobile Quarantine Unit General Features

The mobile quarantine unit provides great advantages both in reducing the patient density in hospital buildings and in isolating patients in different locations, especially in regions where large-scale epidemics are experienced. The mobile quarantine unit is produced by Vertisa on a project-based basis for many countries;

  • It can be easily transported to any area needed.
  • It is produced as expandable according to preference.
  • Its dimensions can be increased outside the standards according to the need.
  • Its installation is very practical.
  • Hepa has the necessary equipment such as filtration, air conditioning, water system, and UPS system.
  • It can be used independently or integrated with a sanitary facility.
  • Have independent toilets and bathrooms for each patient room.
  • The number of quarantine rooms is designed and produced according to demand.

Mobile Quarantine Trailer Unit Advantages

The mobile quarantine trailer unit, the importance of which has been understood once again, especially with the recently experienced Covid-19 globally, offers significant advantages for healthcare workers, patients, and hospital buildings.

  • It is much more economical than the construction of a quarantine building.
  • It can be used without any problem in any region needed.
  • It can be used as an extra quarantine area for hospital buildings and prevents patient density.
  • Installation does not waste time.
  • It has all the necessary conditions for isolation.
  • Separate personal need rooms are available for each patient. (toilet, bathroom)
  • It has emergency intensive care units for critically ill patients.
  • Provides on-site treatment for patients who are difficult to reach hospitals.

Quarantine Trailer Manufacturing

Vertisa is a trailer manufacturing company that has introduced itself to the world in the field of quarantine trailer manufacturing. With its expert manufacturing staff, experienced personnel, and 30 years of experience, Vertisa always pleases trailer-based mobile unit users with its solution-oriented approaches. Considering the needs of the health sector and healthcare workers during the quarantine trailer manufacturing phase, Vertisa offers fast, high-quality, and fully functional mobile units. To get more detailed information about Quarantine trailer manufacturing, you can contact Vertisa’s expert technical teams immediately.