Vertisa Mobile Vaccine Transport Trailer

Mobile Vaccine Transport Trailer

A mobile vaccine transport trailer; is a mobile unit that provides the transport of vaccines that need to be transported nationally or internationally at a certain temperature. It is also called by names such as mobile vaccine clinic, mobile covid vaccine clinic, and mobile vaccine unit. The mobile vaccine transport trailer, manufactured in the desired width and length, is equipped with advanced technology by Vertisa. Thanks to the heating system that can be controlled by remote control or mobile method, vaccines can be transported or stored without any deformation with the mobile vaccine transport trailer.

Mobile Vaccine Clinic

A mobile vaccine clinic can be used as a vaccine warehouse as well as being able to carry vaccines from one place to another by keeping them under a certain temperature. Vertisa has succeeded in achieving European quality standards in mobile vaccine clinic manufacturing worldwide.

Mobile Covid Vaccine Clinic

Mobile covid vaccine clinic; The mobile vaccine transport trailer has started to be called by this name because it carries the covid-19 vaccines. The mobile covid vaccine clinic, which has a heating system that can be easily controlled remotely, is a trailer-based mobile unit that is increasingly used around the world.

Mobile Vaccine Unit

They are mobile vaccine transport units produced by Vertisa on a project basis, both in Turkey and all over the world. With the mobile vaccine unit, the greatest level of vaccine can be easily transported or stored. It can be integrated into a hospital building. The Mobile vaccine unit has five full-fed freezers.

Mobile Vaccine Truck

A mobile vaccine truck is a truck-based mobile solution used for the transport of vaccines that can be adjusted temperature at + and – degrees. The mobile vaccine truck, which can be adapted to the climatic conditions of each country, shows high performance in all climatic and road conditions. Vertisa customizes the production of mobile vaccine trucks completely within the framework of the needs, designs it, and provides the production in a modern sense.

Mobile Vaccine Trailer General Features

The mobile vaccine trailer is designed by the scope of the requested country’s health studies, climate, and intended use. When it comes to the need for extra storage space for a hospital, the mobile vaccine trailer is the ideal trailer-based mobile solution.

  • It is economical.
  • It has high performance in national and international vaccine transportation operations.
  • It can also be used as a vaccine reservoir when necessary.
  • It has deep freezers with a generator and UPS system and full feeding.
  • Each deep freezer can be controlled remotely via Wi-fi and SMS system.
  • Dimensions are re-customized according to needs.


Mobile Vaccine Clinic Manufacturing

Mobile vaccine clinic manufacturing was developed by Vertisa in line with the needs of healthcare services. Vertisa is also recognized as a globally recognized manufacturer of mobile vaccine clinics, constantly updating its manufacturing efforts in response to technological advances. Whether used for transfer operation or storage, Vertisa produces all vaccine clinics within the framework of an innovative perspective. With its expert R&D group, experienced engineers, and professional production team, Vertisa projects and manufactures mobile units that will provide complete solutions to all demands. You can get detailed information about mobile vaccine clinic manufacturing or other mobile unit manufacturing by contacting our expert technical team immediately.

Vaccine Trailer Company

The main starting point for a vaccine trailer company is user and healthcare industry specifications. The importance of the vaccine trailer has been better understood, especially during the Covid-19 epidemic, which has made its impact seriously felt globally recently. The use of the vaccine trailer, which optimizes the transport operations of Covid-19 vaccines, is becoming increasingly common. Based on this situation, Vertisa, which faces very high demands, produces professional vaccine trailers on a project basis, suitable for all demands with its fast, high quality, and solution-oriented approach.