Vertisa Modular Catering Unit

Modular Catering Unit

A modular catering unit; is a commercial modular structure built for cooking, preparation, and distribution. It is possible to impress visitors and generate significant income with this modular unit, which can be used as a single modular catering room or as many buildings. Vertisa produces the fully customizable modular catering unit on a project-based basis around user specifications. With its modular catering unit production in line with European quality standards, Vertisa is in the leading position worldwide in this regard.

Container Catering Unit General Features

Container catering unit produced by Vertisa with its expert production staff is modular structures with fully functional functions. Generally a container catering unit;

  • It has a fully equipped kitchen.
  • It has necessary systems such as water installation, waste water drainage, and energy source.
  • Thanks to its openable front cover, it offers the opportunity to deal with visitors more closely.
  • The floor is produced from a non-slip material.
  • It is practical to clean.
  • Can be used as a single modular room or multi-modular system.
  • It has units such as cupboards, storage rooms, kitchens, and restrooms.
  • Dimensions are customized according to user needs.

Catering Unit Manufacturing and Vertisa

Vertisa has been active in the field of catering units worldwide for more than 30 years. Vertisa, which carries out catering unit manufacturing activities within the framework of international quality standards, makes special productions by focusing entirely on individual or institution-based needs, away from mass production. Vertisa is the most preferred company in the field of catering unit manufacturing, acting as a team with its expert project design team and experienced production staff and engineers in the field of R & D group. It has a career in this field with its stylish and modern designs as well as safety and quality production. You can get more detailed information about all our project-based modular units and catering unit manufacturing by contacting Vertisa immediately.

Project Based Modular Catering Unit

With the project-based modular catering unit, Vertisa focuses on developing fully functional modular catering units for the special needs of individuals, institutions, or organizations. Staying away from mass production, Vertisa is a pioneer in the field of project-based modular catering units, which are fully customizable. With a project-based modular catering unit, it is possible to get a modular unit that meets the standards you want. From interior design to exterior design, width and length dimensions, interior design, and exterior design are designed and produced according to your preferences.

Modular Catering Unit General Advantages

With the modular catering unit manufactured by Vertisa for many countries on a project basis, you can carry out commercial activities and meet the food and beverage needs of crowded organizations. The modular catering unit, which is fully customizable, has the following advantages in general;

  • It is cost-effective.
  • It can be easily installed wherever desired.
  • Can be used as single or many systems.
  • Its construction does not take much time.
  • Production takes a short time.
  • It is produced within the framework of security measures.
  • It is much more functional than a standard kitchen.
  • This is possible when relocation is required.
  • It is produced from very practical material to clean.
  • It can be dismantled from one place and re-installed in another when needed.

Container Catering Unit Installation Options

The container catering unit, which is completely customizable for commercial or private purposes, has different installation options according to the needs. a container catering unit;

  • Can be used as a single container-based modular room.
  • More than one container catering unit can be installed side by side and installed in a large area.
  • More than one container catering unit can be turned into a multi-storey modular facility by being mounted on top of each other for space saving or different reasons.
  • Extra space can be obtained by installing it next to a traditional restaurant, cafe, or bar.