Vertisa Modular CT-SCAN and MRI Unit

Modular Ct-Scan and MRI Unit

A modular ct-scan and MRI unit is a container-based hospital unit manufactured by Vertisa in European quality standards. Modular ct-scan and MRI unit, which can be installed and used as a single or multi-storey unit, has wide options based on size. Modular ct-scan and MRI units can be arranged by the health regulations of the requested country and can be used for a long time in all climatic conditions. The modular ct-scan and MRI unit, which is very practical to disassemble as well as assemble, can be taken from one place and re-installed in another place when necessary.

Modular Ct-Scan Unit

Tumors can be easily visualized thanks to the special devices in the modular ct-scan unit. This modular structure, which is important for early diagnosis and treatment, has the potential to be used as a stand-alone unit. Modular ct-scan unit dimensions are determined within the framework of needs. It is built on basic units such as an imaging room, waiting room, and patient registration unit. Modular ct-scan units, which have the necessary equipment such as electricity, wi-fi, and water facility, are fully integrated structures.

Container-Based Ct-Scan Clinic General Features

A container-based ct-scan clinic is a modular structure that is increasingly used in many countries. The container-based ct-scan clinic, which is frequently quoted from Vertisa due to its various advantages;

  • It can be mounted and used as a single-storey or multi-storey.
  • The interior design is designed within the framework of the necessary areas for the necessary equipment.
  • It can be reconfigured in desired dimensions.
  • Hepa has filtration, air conditioning, internet, and electricity facilities.
  • They are integrated structures.
  • It can be used in any climate.
  • Reception, imaging room, inpatient room, nurse rest room, etc. It consists of several basic units.

Modular MRI Unit

A modular MRI unit (magnetic resonance imaging), has been developed for excellent imaging, diagnosis, and treatment service in internal anatomy and pathology. It consists of basic units such as the MRI room, patient registration unit, waiting room, and inpatient room. Vertisa designs and manufactures the modular MRI unit as needed. Much more economical than a traditional MRI clinic building, this unit can also be used standalone on its own. It can also be integrated with a large-scale modular structure when necessary.

Modular Ct-Scan Clinic Manufacturing and Vertisa

Vertisa has been working on modular ct-scan clinic manufacturing with various features for 30 years. The modular ct-scan clinic has become a world leader in this field by always offering user-oriented and solution-oriented approaches in manufacturing studies. By closely following the technology, it has succeeded in exceeding the expectations of its customers by reflecting the knowledge and experience it has gained on this subject to modular ct-scan clinic manufacturing studies. You can get more detailed information on this subject by contacting the expert technical teams of Vertisa, which designs and produces modular ct-scan clinics for every need with its expert and experienced work team.

Container-Based Ct-Scan Clinic Advantages

The container-based ct-scan clinic, manufactured worldwide by Vertisa on a project basis, offers advantages in many ways. Some of those;

  • Can be used as a stand-alone modular unit.
  • A large number of container-based ct-scan clinics are brought together to provide the opportunity to serve more patients.
  • It can be integrated into a modular sanitary facility with a complex structure.
  • Can be installed and used as an extra imaging center for a traditional hospital building.
  • It can be disassembled from one place and reassembled in another place if needed.
  • Much faster to set up and cost-effective than traditional ct-scan and MRI clinic construction.