Vertisa Modular Dental Clinic

Modular Dental Clinic

Modular dental clinic; It is a container-based hospital unit manufactured by Vertisa. It can be used as a complex dental center or as a single modular dental clinic. They are modular structures that are ready for immediate use by being quickly installed in a suitable area in regions where health services are weak or nonexistent. The modular dental clinic, produced by Vertisa in European quality standards, is designed entirely within the framework of various specifications.

Container-Based Dental Clinic Usage Areas

Container dental clinic, which is produced on a project basis within the framework of user needs, has wide areas of use. Container-based dental clinic, which is assembled as a single or multi-storey;

  • In regions without health infrastructure
  • In areas where immigrants live heavily
  • Instead of traditional dental hospitals that have become unusable for any reason
  • In military fields
  • Close to various educational institutions
  • Various dental diseases can be screened and necessary treatments can be applied to patients by building them close to structures such as dormitories, nursing homes, or elderly homes.

What are the General Features of the Modular Dental Unit?

Modular dental units; Vertisa are hospital units manufactured on a project basis for many countries. Modular dental unit, which can be customized within the framework of various needs;

  • It has the possibility of easy installation.
  • Much more cost-effective than traditional dental clinic buildings.
  • Its cleaning is practical.
  • The walls are heat insulated.
  • It has a HEPA filtration system.
  • It is designed to follow the health regulations of the country to be used.
  • It can be used in all climatic conditions.
  • Its assembly is practical.
  • It can be produced in an expandable structure according to preference.

Container-Based Dental Unit Installation Options

The container-based dental unit can be installed differently based on the efficiency of the area to be used. This modular clinic is suitable for use on single or many floors;

  • It can be installed and used independently.
  • A large number of modular container-based dental units can be added to each other and converted into a dental hospital to appeal to more crowded masses.
  • It can be used side by side as a single storey.
  • More than one container-based dental unit can be mounted on top of each other and used as a multi-storey dental hospital building.
  • It can be integrated into a modular hospital with a complex structure.
  • It can be installed next to a traditional hospital building and used as an extra dental clinic.


Vertisa in Modular Dental Clinic Manufacturing

Vertisa has been designing, projecting, and producing modular units for various needs for 30 years. It works in the field of modular dental clinic manufacturing in a modern sense within a coordinated work program with its expert R & D group, professional production team, and experienced engineers. Vertisa, serving worldwide, focuses on personal or corporate needs rather than mass production and develops project-based modular units for every demand. By following the technology closely, he reflects his knowledge and experience on this subject to modular dental clinic manufacturing works. Providing service to its customers with its expert assembly team within the modular dental clinic assembly, Vertisa can also provide training to your personnel for the installation, use, maintenance, and disassembly of modular products. To get more detailed information about modular dental clinic manufacturing, you can contact our expert technical teams immediately.