Vertisa Modular Kindergarten

Modular Kindergarten

A modular kindergarten; is a modular structure with a safe, attractive, and inviting design for children. Modular kindergartens, designed and manufactured by Vertisa, are container-based structures that are increasingly used around the world. The modular kindergarten, which can be mounted and used as a single or multi-storey building, also makes it possible when relocation is required. It does not need much workload and cost for this. Modular kindergarten, whose capacity is determined according to user demand, is produced in Vertisa’s modular manufacturing facility by European quality standards.

Container-Based Kindergarten General Features

Container-based kindergarten, produced by Vertisa on a project basis, is a high-quality portable building suitable for early learning. The general features of the container-based kindergarten, are produced by adapting to the specifications of the training activities carried out based on private enterprises or states;

  • It has basic units such as toilets, classrooms, storage, kitchen, and teacher’s room.
  • It has a clean and dirty water system.
  • There is an air conditioning system.
  • It is manufactured according to the climatic conditions of the requested country.
  • It is produced in different sizes according to preference.
  • It has the potential to include the necessary equipment for training.
  • It can be used in all climatic conditions.
  • Interior and exterior design are determined according to user preference.
  • It is produced considering the needs of both children and caregivers.

Vertisa in Modular Kindergarten Manufacturing

Vertisa offers services from Turkey to the whole world in the field of modular kindergarten manufacturing. It focuses on modular kindergarten manufacturing works on a project-based basis completely according to user needs. Quality and cost-effective modular kindergarten also pass the necessary safety tests. Thus, faulty production is prevented. For more detailed information about Vertisa’s work in modular kindergarten manufacturing, you can contact our expert technical teams immediately.

Project Based Modular Kindergarten Advantages

Project-based modular kindergarten is generally manufactured by Vertisa by internationally accepted quality standards. A project-based modular kindergarten generally;

  • It is cost-effective.
  • It can be installed easily.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It can be used in all climatic conditions, it is produced from long-lasting material.
  • Developed on the needs of both children and caregivers.
  • Allows relocation when necessary.
  • Passed through security checks.
  • Assembly or disassembly does not take a long time and the labor load is low.

Modular Kindergarten Installation

The modular kindergarten, which is transported to the desired location after the manufacturing phase, can be installed by Vertisa’s expert assembly team. Or, their team of customers, whom they have trained on this subject, can easily do this. Optionally a modular kindergarten;

  • Can be installed and used as a single container-based modular build.
  • Many modular kindergartens can be joined side-by-side to be installed in a single storey over a larger area.
  • Many modular kindergartens can be stacked on top of each other to save space or be converted into a multi-level modular training facility.
  • When it is necessary to change the place for any reason, this process can be done in a short time without requiring much labor.

Container-Based Kindergarten Capacities

Vertisa offers fast and cost-effective solutions when a nursery unit is needed to build a completely new nursery building, upgrade an old nursery building, or for a workplace. Vertisa is the best in designing and manufacturing bespoke container-based kindergartens for governments, institutions, organizations, or private individuals. a kindergarten; It can be produced in different capacities such as 20, 30, 40, and 60. These numbers are not fixed. It can be reduced or increased as needed. So, Vertisa continues its work without compromising its quality and solution-oriented approaches. For your container-based kindergarten needs, you can contact our technical teams and get more detailed information and offers.