Vertisa Modular Hospitality Room

Modular Hospitality Room

A modular hospitality room; is a modular structure that has an important place in the tourism sector, which is increasingly used all over the world. The modular hospitality room, manufactured in the desired width and capacity by Vertisa at international quality standards, creates significant savings for tourism operators. The modular hospitality room, which is produced in a very modern and aesthetic structure, has been developed with the comfort of both tourists and staff in mind. A modular hospitality room, which is produced within the framework of necessary security measures in the face of unexpected and unwanted situations such as earthquakes and fire, is fully customizable.

What is a Modular Room?

Modular rooms are accommodation areas that are produced on a container-based basis. A modular room can be used alone or integrated with a more complex modular hospitality room. The modular room, which can be manufactured in the desired width, length, and height, can be used as a tourist accommodation area, resting and sheltering area for various field works. Modular rooms, which are highly resistant structures against all kinds of climatic conditions, also offer the users the opportunity to move when necessary.

Modular Container Hospitality Unit General Properties

Modular container hospitality unit has become a frequently used modular unit thanks to its various advantages as well as important features. In general, the modular container hospitality unit is frequently preferred by the tourism and hotel sector businesses;

  • It has hot water, cold water, and wastewater facilities.
  • It provides uninterrupted energy.
  • There is a desired number of rooms.
  • The capacity of the rooms is determined by the user.
  • Optionally, extra modular structures such as terrace, restaurant, laundry, and the club can be added.
  • It has uninterrupted wi-fi and satellite system.
  • In general, its interior and exterior design is quite aesthetic.
  • Rooms have independent toilets and bathrooms.
  • There are room doors with a special lock system.
  • Reception section is produced in the desired width.

Vertisa in Modular Hospitality Unit Manufacturing

Vertisa, which has been producing modular units for more than 30 years, has also achieved significant success in the field of modular hospitality unit manufacturing. It has completed the project works in the field of modular hospitality unit manufacturing for many countries on a turnkey basis with high quality and greatest speed. As with all modular structures, modular hospitality units undergo the necessary quality and safety tests. Considering the user and sectoral specifications, Vertisa always sets customer satisfaction as the top criterion. Vertisa, which always keeps its modular hospitality unit manufacturing works up-to-date with its expert R & D group studies and end-user needs, has become the most preferred modular manufacturing company worldwide.

Project-Based Modular Hospitality

Being a pioneer in project-based modular hospitality production, Vertisa always carries out its manufacturing activities based on user needs. It stands out in the production of truly functional and multifunctional project-based modular hospitality, giving importance to the production of customized modular structures rather than mass production. Width, length, height, exterior cladding or paint, interior design, customer capacity, single or multi-storey usage, and more are determined entirely according to user demands. Thus, instead of a standard modular hospitality unit, it becomes possible with Project-based modular hospitality to get a customized modular building for only people, institutions, or organizations.

Modular Hospitality Room Advantages

Modular hospitality rooms, which are designed and produced based on the needs of individuals, institutions, or organizations, have important advantages offered to their users. A modular hospitality room;

  • Much more cost-effective than building a traditional hotel or motel.
  • Installation (assembly) is completed in a short time.
  • Labor load is much less.
  • It can be used easily in all climatic conditions.
  • It can also be used as a stand-alone modular room.
  • It can be configured as a single storey or multi-storey.
  • The construction of multi-storey structures is provided practically with the help of cranes.
  • It is produced from materials that are resistant to burning and impacts.