Vertisa Modular Medical Imaging Unit

Modular Medical Imaging Unit

A modular medical imaging unit is a modular unit with certificates accepted by World Health Administrations that can be used independently or as complex structures. It is produced by Vertisa on a project-based basis in the desired width and feature. It can be used in all climatic and terrain conditions. Depending on preference, it is provided to be installed as a single or double storey. Each modular medical imaging unit can have imaging units dedicated to various specialties within itself, or it can be used collectively in the form of container modules designed within the framework of more than one imaging center.

Modular Medical Units General Features

General features of modular medical units developed by Vertisa within the framework of an innovative perspective based on healthcare specifications;

  • It can be used as a single layer or multi storey.
  • It is equipped with imaging devices belonging to various fields of expertise.
  • It can be integrated into a sanitary modular system.
  • It has heat-insulated walls.
  • It has basic units such as an imaging room, locker room, patient reception unit, and waiting room.
  • The number of imaging rooms can be projected to be more than one.
  • Its installation is very practical.

Modular Medical Imaging Clinic Application Areas

Modular imaging clinic, which has different usage areas, can be configured within the framework of different imaging centers. Modular medical imaging clinic application areas manufactured by Vertisa by international quality standards;

  • Modular X-ray and gynecology
  • Modular Ct-Scan unit
  • Modular MRI unit
  • Modular ultrasound imaging center and more.

Where is Modular Medical Imaging Container Used?

The modular medical imaging container is suitable for use as a stand-alone modular imaging center or as a separate unit within batch modules. Modular medical imaging container manufactured by Vertisa is also known as modular diagnostic Imaging facilities. Some of the areas of use;

  • It can be established in regions where there is no health infrastructure.
  • It can be used as an extra area for the imaging center of traditional buildings.
  • A large area can be included in the established modular system.
  • It can be used in the military field.
  • It can be positioned and used in a suitable area in destructive situations such as natural disasters.

Modular Diagnostic Imaging Facilities Manufacturing and Vertisa

Vertisa has been continuing its modern modular diagnostic imaging facilities manufacturing works for 30 years, by adopting completely solution-oriented approaches within the framework of needs. Modular diagnostic imaging facilities are designed by Vertisa according to the health regulations, climate, and field conditions of the country to be used. By integrating the experiences gained from modular systems manufacturing studies for a long time with the data of technology science, it also carries out successful productions in the production of modular diagnostic imaging facilities, which are optionally expandable. Vertisa has become a world-renowned modular system manufacturer, always working with the best in its field, bringing together important criteria by prioritizing the needs of customers.