Vertisa Modular Medical Waste Unit

Modular Medical Waste Unit

A modular medical waste unit; is a container-based unit developed for medical waste sterilization, manufactured by Vertisa in different sizes within the framework of needs. It can be integrated into the modular hospital facility or it can be used as a stand-alone modular medical waste unit. The modular medical waste unit, which has been developed to drop the damage caused by medical wastes to the environment and living life, is increasingly being used around the world. Being both economical and functional makes modular medical waste units attractive.

What is Medical Waste?

Medical waste is disposable plastic or metal equipment used by various health institutions such as hospitals, laboratories, veterinarians, and blood banks. Needles, masks, syringes, and contaminated medical supplies are some of them. Medical waste is very dangerous for humans, animals, plants, and soil. So, it is of great importance to nature that these wastes are systematically distinguished, collected, destroyed, or rendered harmless. In this context, Vertisa adapted its 30 years of experience to the requirements in this field and produced modular medical waste units. You can get more detailed information by contacting Vertisa, which designs and manufactures modular medical waste units for many countries.

Modular Medical Waste Solutions by Vertisa

Modular medical waste solutions by Vertisa; It is modernized in desired dimensions and its production is ensured. Modular medical waste solutions developed to get rid of the negative effects of medical waste on living life have all the necessary equipment. These modular structures, which can be integrated into every hospital facility to prevent the direct release of hospital wastes to nature, can also be used as multiple modular structures if needed. A modular medical waste unit that can be installed and used alone near a traditional hospital building has the potential to be self-sufficient.

Project-Based Medical Waste Unit Advantages

Since the project-based medical waste unit can be customized within the framework of needs, it can be in different sizes according to the usage area. The Vertisa Project-based medical waste unit, which stays away from mass production, concentrates on the important criteria required for the user and brings them together. A Project-based medical waste unit;

  • It can be practically installed in any desired area.
  • Quickly neutralizes medical waste.
  • It is quite cost-effective.
  • It can be integrated with other complex modular sanitary facilities if necessary.
  • It can be used for an inadequate sterilization room, enabling a larger amount of medical waste to be processed in a shorter time.
  • Also suitable for use as many structures.

Working Principle of Modular Medical Waste Treatment

The modular medical waste treatment station consists of three basic components. These;

  1. Autoclave and shredder system
  2. Steam boiler
  3. Power generator

Thanks to these three important components, medical wastes are rendered harmless. Autoclave and shredder, steam boiler and power generator, as well as other equipment that complete the system, have their important tasks. The modular medical waste treatment station, provided with fuel and the required amount of water, has the potential to operate 24/7. To get detailed technical information about modular medical waste treatment meant, you can contact our relevant specialist units immediately.

Autoclave and Shredder System

Autoclaves and shredders are controlled by PLC. Autoclave systems are closed chambers in which heat, steam, and pressure are applied to medical wastes. Steel has high performance in the disintegration of medical wastes. With the mixing panel, the shredding process becomes more functional.

Steam Boiler

Steam between 134 C0 and 138 C0 is integrated into the steam boiler. Medical wastes, which are kept for 15 minutes in the boiler where steam pressure is applied, are now sterilized.

Power Generator

Another important component of the medical waste system is the dedicated diesel generator, the power source that dominates the entire system. The modular medical waste station, whose water and fuel are completed, has the potential to work for a long time.