Vertisa Modular Office

Modular Office

A modular office; is a versatile, cost-effective portable workspace designed to expand business services and make office space changeable. Vertisa is the leading modular building manufacturer in Turkey and the world. Vertisa solution offers special solutions for office users for all your needs. Since the demountable modular office is cost-effective, its use is increasing all over the world. Vertisa makes the necessary project for a single modular office, to begin with. Then Vertisa can configure it as many floors for more office space needs for your business activities.

Prefabricated Office Sections

The name prefabricated office is also used for a modular office. A large and spacious company can be obtained with the prefabricated office, which is produced on a project basis by user specifications. A prefabricated office in general;

  • Reception
  • Toilet
  • Kitchen
  • Archive section
  • It has units such as a meeting room

What are the Advantages of Outdoor Modular Office?

With the modular office, also known as an outdoor modular office, it becomes possible to set up an office building in a short time at the desired location. Continuously expanding or removing unused units is both more cost-effective and faster with an outdoor modular office. Hence an outdoor modular office;

  • It shortens the construction period.
  • Financially cost-effective
  • Practically reconfigurable.
  • It has a flexible structure that is open to updating.
  • Relocation is possible and easy.
  • Labor and personnel costs are very low.

How to Build Modular Office Systems

Modular office systems, designed and manufactured by Vertisa, are transferred to the area to be installed after leaving the factory. Each modular office system is manufactured individually in the factory and this is 50% less time-consuming than the construction of a traditional office building. Its construction is structured according to the desired plan by experts or people who have received training on this subject. A modular office system;

  • Can be installed as a stand-alone container.
  • Many office containers can be added side by side and set up as a single-storey building.
  • Multiple modular office containers can be mounted on top of each other and converted into a multi-storey office building.

Modular office systems, which can be assembled most advantageously for the user within the framework of different options, also allow for relocation when necessary.


Vertisa in Modular Office Manufacturing

Vertisa has been serving the world of modular office manufacturing for more than 30 years. Modular office manufacturing, which is cost-effective, portable, and flexible, carries out its work completely user-oriented. It ensures the quality security of all modular office buildings it produces. With its fast assembly, it does not allow business interruptions or disruptions. Vertisa, which always works with the best in its field, continues its project-based modular office manufacturing activities for many countries.

Project Based Modular Office Manufacturing and Vertisa

Vertisa, which tries to focus entirely on the user and sectoral specifications in the field of project-based modular office manufacturing, works to find the most suitable solution for users. By meeting its customers with wide options, it carries out project-based modular Office manufacturing works that are completely suitable for the needs of individuals, institutions, or organizations. Length, width, interior, and exterior design, number of rooms, and units other than basic units are necessary and important topics for project-based modular Office manufacturing studies.

Portable Offices for Sale

You can contact Vertisa, which will make significant contributions to you in portable offices for sale, and closely examine our sample project works. Wherever you are in the world, Vertisa designs, projects, installs, and delivers the modular office you need in the shortest possible time with cost-effective and easy payment options.

Modular Office Building Prices

Vertisa offers the field of modular office building prices to please its customers. The increasing cost of modular office use worldwide is much more cost-effective and quicker to achieve than traditional office building construction. You can get much more detailed information about modular office building prices by contacting Vertisa’s relevant expert technical writers immediately.