Vertisa Modular X-Ray and Gynecology Unit

Modular X-Ray and Gynecology Unit

A modular x-ray and gynecology unit is a container-based hospital unit manufactured by Vertisa. It can be used as many structures or it can be used independently. Vertisa arranges modular x-ray and gynecology unit measurements within the framework of needs. Never compromising on quality and functionality, Vertisa is in a leading position as a world-renowned manufacturer of modular hospital clinics.

What are the General Features of Container-Based Multi-Storey Gynecology Clinic?

Container-based multi-storey gynecology clinic is the hospital units manufactured by Vertisa, designed to be used as many or single units. container-based multi-storey gynecology clinic in general;

  • Can be projected together with a modular x-ray clinic.
  • Easily transported, installed, or removed.
  • The imaging room can be any number of times.
  • It is expandable according to preference.
  • The general dimensions differ according to the needs apart from the standards.
  • Can be used independently.
  • Multi-modular can be integrated into the sanitary facility.
  • It consists of basic units such as a patient registration room, toilet, patient waiting room, examination room, and x-ray imaging room.
  • It has necessary sections for the water plant, generator, HEPA filtration, ventilation sections, and medical devices.

What is Modular X-Ray Clinic?

A modular x-ray clinic is a container-based medical unit equipped with medical imaging devices. It can be integrated into a hospital building or a modular multi-hospital facility. This modular unit, which was developed in order not to disrupt health-related works in cases where the sanitary infrastructure is lacking, has the potential to be self-sufficient when used alone.

Modular Gynecology Clinic Manufacturing

Vertisa, which has been designing and developing modular hospital units for over 30 years, has also achieved outstanding success in modular gynecology clinic manufacturing. Modular gynecology clinic, which is constantly updated with expert R&D group studies, is produced by Vertisa on a project basis for many countries. You can contact our relevant technical units immediately to get more detailed information about modular gynecology clinic manufacturing, which is integrated with the modular x-ray clinic.

Modular Gynecology Unit

With the modular gynecology unit, screening, diagnosis, and treatment of various diseases can be done at the same level as in a traditional hospital. These modular units, which are specially used for pregnant women, are equipped with modern equipment. Project-based production is provided by Vertisa to international standards. It can be completely customized within the framework of needs with different size options.


Modular X-Ray Unit Manufacturing

Vertisa specializes in modular x-ray clinic manufacturing as well as in all modular units. The modular x-ray unit, which is designed completely within the framework of user specifications and manufactured in high quality, can be designed as single-storey or multi-storey structures. Multi-storey modular x-ray unit installation can be easily installed by expert teams with the help of a crane. Vertisa can specialize its customers by providing training on this subject as needed. You can contact us immediately to get more detailed information about modular x-ray unit manufacturing or to ask questions about all our other modular facilities.