Vertisa Project Based Commercial Modular Unit

Project Based Commercial Modular Unit

Vertisa manufactures the project-based commercial modular unit, which it has designed for use in various sectors, by international quality standards. It works with the best in its field to offer the best modular solution that is always up to date with its innovative perspective. With the project-based commercial modular unit, it is possible to get a unit that will only fit your needs. It is professionally produced by Vertisa for all kinds of cost-effective project-based commercial modular units with different dimensions and features apart from the standards. Some of those; are modular luxury rooms, modular schools, modular offices, modular workshops, and more…

Project Based Commercial Container General Properties

A project-based commercial container is a modular unit that is customizable by Vertisa. Vertisa does not compromise on the following features in the production of a Project based commercial container, even though each of them appeals to different usage areas and has various features;

  • It is cost-effective.
  • It can be used for many years.
  • It has the possibility of long or short-term installation and removal.
  • When a change of location is required, this is achieved with most practice.
  • Each modular structure has the potential to be used independently.
  • Can be installed as single-storey or multi-card structures.
  • Updating is practical.
  • It has fast production and fast assembly time.
  • It is arranged according to the sectoral requirements of the country used.
  • Its capacity and dimensions can be stretched according to demand.

Vertisa in Commercial Container Construction

Vertisa has been active in the field of commercial container construction for more than 30 years in Turkey and has been serving worldwide. As a full staff with its expert R&D group, professional production team, and experienced engineers, it completes each project within the framework of maximum functionality, maximum quality, and maximum speed. Customer satisfaction comes first for Vertisa and her team, who always work to achieve the most modern structure in the field of commercial container construction. Vertisa, which has achieved to achieve national and international quality standards in all modular structures, is preferred by many countries. The Vertisa Commercial container construction area; produces modular kindergarten, modular catering units, modular medical waste, and more on a project-based basis within the framework of a solution-oriented approach.

Project Based Commercial Modular Solutions

Vertisa has demonstrated its outstanding success in the field of the modular hospital, modular military solutions, modular field hospitals, also in the field project-based commercial modular solutions. Vertisa and its team, who carefully approach all their customers who apply for project-based commercial modular solutions from many countries of the world, bring together all the important and necessary critical components for them. By closely following the technology and the ever-increasing and changing needs in the commercial field, it reflects the analysis results it has obtained on this subject to the project-based commercial modular solutions conjuncture. Vertisa, which has achieved significant success in the field of project-based commercial modular solutions for a long time, owes this to its robust analysis and interpretation of sectoral and user specifications. For Vertisa’s studies and sample projects in the field of project-based commercial modular solutions, you can immediately contact our expert technical teams.

Project Based Commercial Modular Solutions Applications

In the field of project-based commercial modular solutions, Vertisa is ready to produce modular structures suitable for all your needs. Vertisa in the field of project-based commercial modular solutions, which are configured to be specific to you or your institution, and can be assembled as single or multi-storey;

  • Modular stage and theater
  • Modular medical waste unit
  • Modular office
  • Modular kindergarten
  • Modular kitchen unit
  • Modular school unit
  • Modular workshop unit
  • Modular toilet (WC) unit
  • Modular emergency response unit
  • Modular luxury room
  • Modular broadcast unit
  • Modular accommodation unit
  • Modular bakery unit
  • Modular earthquake analysis unit
  • Modular marketing unit
  • Modular hospitality room
  • Modular auto lift container
  • Produces multi-storey commercial units and much more.