Vertisa Multi-Storey Commercial Unit

Multi-Storey Commercial Unit

A multi-storey commercial unit; is a modular structure with a fully customizable structure designed for various purposes in various sectors. Container-based multi storey commercial units can be produced in the desired length, width, and height. Vertisa has been designing, developing, and manufacturing modular multi-storey commercial units worldwide for over 30 years. The cost and installation of these modular structures, which are adapted to suit every need, are very helpful for customers. Thanks to these advantages, the acceleration of use is increasing all over the world.

Multi-Storey Commercial Solutions

Multi-storey commercial solutions offered by Vertisa as completely solution-oriented are also produced by Vertisa at international quality standards. Multi-storey commercial solutions designed and developed based on user needs;

  • Modular stage and theater
  • Modular medical waste unit
  • Modular office
  • Modular kindergarten
  • Modular catering unit
  • Modular kitchen unit
  • Modular school unit
  • Modular workshop
  • Modular toilet unit
  • Modular shower unit
  • Modular emergency response unit
  • Modular luxury room
  • Modular broadcast unit and much more.

Project-Based Multi Storey Commercial Container

In the field of project-based multi storey commercial containers, Vertisa primarily considers the needs of users and the industry. In all modular structures with the greatest performance, cost-effectiveness, and long-lasting use, the projecting phase is carried out by the expert project design team. In the manufacture of a Project-based multi storey commercial container, some basic critical points such as the applications of the requested country in the relevant area and climatic conditions are also taken into account. With Vertisa, you can get all kinds of fully functional modular units suitable for your needs.

Custom Multi Storey Commercial Unit

custom multi storey commercial unit; You can get a modular unit that will meet your exact needs, no matter what field you will be serving. The custom multi storey commercial unit, which can be used in all kinds of climates and conditions, is designed completely within the framework of your needs.

  • Dimensions
  • Number of rooms
  • Its capacity
  • Door systems
  • Interior design
  • Exterior coating or paint
  • The number of floors and more is determined according to your needs.

Advantages of Multi-Storey Commercial Container

Vertisa has become a pioneer in the field of multi-storey commercial container manufacturing, which is gradually expanding its usage network with various advantages. With its expert R&D group, experienced production team, and engineers, the advantages of a multi storey commercial container with different features to suit all needs as a real set;

  • It is much more economical than constructing a traditional building for special purposes.
  • Production and assembly do not need much time.
  • There is no need for materials such as mortar, plaster, or brick in its installation. This alleviates the workload.
  • When necessary, it is dismantled from its existing place. Disassembled modular structures can be shipped to another area and rebuilt.
  • A new container unit can be easily added to the existing structure if needed.
  • Its dimensions and features completely appeal to the user.
  • They are very aesthetic and modern structures.
  • It is produced from materials that are not affected by adverse conditions such as fire, earthquake, or flood.

Multi-Storey Container Installation

The multi storey container is shipped to its user on a turnkey basis after the production phase. When necessary, Vertisa provides technical installation support. Upon request, a team of your own is also given special training by Vertisa’s special and expert team for assembly. In this way, modular structures are built in the appropriate area in an error-free and practical way. Cranes are important helpers when it comes to modular containers that need to be stacked on top of each other. Special screws and mounting equipment are used in the assembly.