Vertisa Mobile Blood Donation Unit Trailer

Mobile Blood Donation Unit Trailer

Mobile blood donation unit; This is a mobile unit developed by Vertisa according to the needs of the end users, enabling blood donations to be made at different locations. The mobile blood donation unit, which is designed according to the health sector specifications and manufactured on a project basis, can have six or more blood donation seats. The mobile blood donation unit trailer offers the opportunity to use in all kinds of climate and road conditions; It has necessary equipment such as a solar energy system, UPS, internet, and water system.

Custom Blood Donation Trailer

A custom blood donation trailer is a mobile unit that allows more blood donations to be made in any area and the blood collected for a certain period to be stored. The custom blood donation trailer is customizable. Trailer length and width, and hydraulic expandability, are designed completely in line with user demands. Custom blood donation installation is very practical and has high performance in difficult road conditions. Vertisa closely follows the science of technology and constantly updates the custom mobile donation trailer according to the needs of the user and the industry.

Mobile Blood Donation Unit General Features

Vertisa is constantly modernizing its mobile blood donation unit with an innovative perspective. Finding the best fit for the wearer has always been Vetisa’s main goal. As a result of the expert R&D group studies, the mobile blood donation unit, which Vertisan manufactures on a project basis;

  • It can be carried to any place needed.
  • It can be customized according to need.
  • May have six or more blood donation seats.
  • It has necessary equipment such as a generator, solar system, and UPS.
  • It is projected and produced as expandable blood donation according to preference.
  • It can be used in all kinds of climatic conditions.
  • It is very practical to set up and use.
  • It is long-lasting and economical.

Mobile Blood Donation Trailer Manufacturing

Vertisa uses its 30 years of experience in mobile blood donation trailer manufacturing in line with user satisfaction. Vertisa always works with project managers, engineers, and designers, all of whom are experts in their fields, to design the most ergonomic and functional trailer-based mobile units for healthcare professionals and blood donors. Vertisa, which closely follows the technology, integrates technology perfectly into its production works in the field of mobile blood donation trailers, as it does in all trailer-based mobile units. Mobile blood donation trailer manufacturing has performed much more than expected by presenting the expandable mobile blood donation trailer to users with a revisionist perspective. You can get more detailed information about the mobile blood donation trailer by contacting the Vertisa expert technical team immediately.

Blood Donation Trailer Company

A blood donation trailer company must always consider the needs of the industry and users in its production work. One of Vertica’s important achievements is the production of blood donation trailers with smart technology to make an important health service such as blood donation mobile and to be carried out easily anywhere. Vertisa, which manufactures blood donation units worldwide, has always acted with an innovative and solution-oriented perspective. You can get detailed information about blood donation trailers and many other trailer-based mobile units by contacting Vertisa’s expert teams, who always take their job seriously and give importance to customer satisfaction.