Vertisa Project Based Commercial Trailer

Project Based Commercial Trailer

Project-based commercial trailer; is a mobile unit developed by Vertisa for different sectors. Vertisa, which follows the technology closely, always focuses on producing the most functional trailer types in line with the needs of the users. It never compromises on quality in the different trailer types it has produced worldwide. Project-based commercial solutions; It is optionally equipped with smart technology and has an expandable feature. Project-based commercial trailer types manufactured by Vertisa; mobile cold storage unit, mobile kindergarten trailer, mobile luxury trailer, mobile toilet trailer, mobile emergency response trailer, and much more…

Custom Trailer Manufacturing

Vertisa, which has been serving in Turkey for 30 years in the field of custom trailer manufacturing, directs its work completely based on user and sectoral needs. Vertisa has become a pioneer in the field of custom trailer manufacturing with its expert R&D group, experienced engineers, and professional production team. You can get more detailed information about custom trailer manufacturing by contacting Vertisa, which acts according to the expectations of the users in the desired length and width, interior and exterior design, and closely examine the sample project studies.

Project Based Trailer Manufacturing and Applications

Project-based trailer manufacturing is carried out within the framework of a wide variety of work areas. Vertisa, which acts completely user-oriented in project-based manufacturing works with different features for different sectors, produces products above the standards with its solution-oriented approach. Project-based trailer applications;

  • Mobile kitchen trailer
  • Mobile catering trailer
  • Mobile broadcast trailer
  • Mobile workshop trailer
  • Mobile school trailer and much more…

Project Based Trailer Production and Health Sector

Project-based trailer production includes the production of highly functional mobile units by Vertisa for the health sector. Vertisa within the framework of the needs of both the sector and the users;

  • Project-based medical clinic
  • Project-based hospital trailer
  • It also produces trailer types such as Project mobile clinic.

Project Based Medical Trailer

The medical trailer, which has an important place in the health sector, is produced by Vertisa on a project basis. Project-based medical trailer is fully customizable within the framework of users’ needs. Medical trailers, which can be used easily in all climate and road conditions, are ready-to-use mobile units.

Project Based Hospital Trailer

With the project-based hospital trailer, it is ensured that a wide range of health services can be provided in different locations. Being able to adapt to the health regulations, climate, and road conditions of the requested country is an important advantage of the project-based hospital trailer production works.

Project Based Mobile Clinic

A project-based mobile clinic is a mobile hospital unit that can be customized by Vertisa within the framework of user needs. Project-based mobile clinics, which it manufactures worldwide, can be adapted to different areas of expertise. Thus, various health screenings become practical and economical in every region where needed.