Vertisa Mobile Clinic Trailer

Mobile Clinic Trailer

A mobile clinic trailer is a mobile unit that is optimized to provide on-site health services manufactured by Vertisa on a project basis. A mobile healthcare clinic is also called a mobile medical clinic or mobile clinic unit. A mobile clinic trailer can be transformed into any clinic according to preference. This mobile unit can be used easily in any climate and terrain conditions. Vertisa can optionally produce an expandable mobile clinic trailer.

Mobile Healthcare Clinic

Mobile healthcare clinic; It is a mobile hospital unit that can be used independently or integrated into a sanitary facility, providing on-site service to the sick or injured when needed in different locations. A mobile healthcare clinic is much more helpful than a hospital clinic, thanks to its practical transportation, fast installation, and its structure that can accommodate all equipment.

Mobile Medical Clinic

Mobile medical trailer is one of the alternative names used for mobile clinic trailers. They are mobile units that can be customized according to needs developed by Vertisa to ensure the continuity of health services in all regions and under all conditions.

Mobile Clinic Unit

A mobile clinic unit is a mobile hospital unit that has the necessary clinical equipment and can be easily transported to any place needed. Vertisa projects and manufactures a mobile clinic unit with an expandable feature according to user demand. Thus, it is possible to provide health services in a wider working environment. Mobile clinic trailer production can be stretched to fit the scope of health studies of the requested country.

Expandable Clinic Trailer

Vertisa manufactures expandable clinic trailers to meet user specifications. An expandable clinic trailer can be adapted to the medical specialty and the geographical location of the requested country. Its installation is very practical. For this, the clinic trailer is first placed in a suitable area, then one or more options are pressed from the different options on the hydraulic remote control. That’s all. Within minutes, the expandable clinic trailer is expanded at the desired rate. It offers the greatest comfort for healthcare professionals and patients. For more detailed information about the Expandable clinic trailer, you can contact our expert technical team immediately.

Clinic Trailer General Features

The clinic trailer, produced by Vertisa is completely solution-oriented and is designed according to user needs. With its innovative perspective, Vertisa optimizes the clinic trailer and makes it practical to provide health care services. A clinic trailer in general;

  • It is expandable according to preference.
  • Equipped with Smart technology.
  • Available in designs with one and four examination rooms.
  • It is produced entirely from an aluminum body.
  • It can be adapted to the required medical specialty.
  • It is customized according to the climatic conditions of the country or region to be used.
  • They are mobile units ready for immediate use.
  • It has a waiting area, examination room, bathroom for disabled patients, and more.

Mobile Clinic Manufacturing

Vertisa mobile clinic focuses on the needs by acting with an innovative perspective on manufacturing. Mobile clinic manufacturing, which can be used easily in every field and every place, is updated and constantly modernized by Vertisa in the light of its 30 years of experience. The mobile clinic is the perfect solution to ensure the continuity of health services in war, natural disaster, or similar situations. You can contact our specialist units immediately to get detailed information about the mobile clinic that Vertisa produces worldwide.