Vertisa Mobile CT Scan & MRI Trailer

Mobile CT Scan & MRI Trailer

Mobile CT-SCAN and MRI trailer; They are mobile units that are produced by Vertisa on a project basis in a modern sense and have the practicality of use in different locations. It can be converted into a mobile radiology room or mobile medical imaging mobile ct scan and MRI trailer. With a mobile ct-scan and MRI trailer, which can be used in cases of war, natural disaster, accident, or insufficient health services, it is possible to make visual examinations for the sick or injured. The mobile ct-scan and MRI clinic, which is very practical to transport and install, can be used as an independent mobile medical unit or integrated into a sanitary facility.

Mobile MRI Trailer

A Mobile MRI trailer is a mobile medical unit used as an on-site magnetic resonance imaging center whenever needed. The mobile MRI trailer imaging chamber is manufactured from lead-insulated solid sheets. Vertisa mobile develops the MRI trailer based on end-user needs and produces it on a project-based basis.

Mobile Ct-Scan

A mobile ct scan is a mobile hospital unit that offers on-site tumor screening to patients or people who are potentially ill. Mobile ct-scan is a very successful mobile medical solution to prevent a dense patient population by integrating into a sanitary facility. Vertisa manufactures the mobile ct scan unit to visualize tumors and provide radiotherapy treatments on-site easily.

Mobile Radiology Room

The mobile radiology room is equipped with various medical imaging devices and transformed into a mobile clinic unit suitable for needs. This mobile medical unit, which is produced from scratch on a project basis, can be easily transported to any desired location and made ready for immediate use. Thus, health services are maintained permanently in all cases, without wasting much time and without paying too much cost. Vertisa Mobile radiology room professionally transforms a mobile ct scan and MRI trailer upon request.

Mobile Medical Imaging

Mobile medical imaging has the opportunity to serve various fields of expertise by being equipped with various equipment needed. It can be used as a mobile medical imaging, mobile ct-scan, and MRI clinic. With mobile medical imaging, which is very practical to install, provides early intervention to patients and injured people in emergencies. Vertisa mobile medical customizes the trailer according to your needs and ensures that it is manufactured by European quality standards with its expert staff.

Mobile CT Scan & MRI Clinic General Features

Mobile ct scans and MRI clinics are cost-effective mobile units that offer unique magnetic resonance imaging services. Mobile ct-scan and MRI clinic, which Vetisa manufactures on a project-based worldwide basis;

  • With mobile ct scan, tumor scanning can be performed in situ without allowing any margin of error.
  • With the mobile MRI clinic, magnetic resonance imaging service can be provided wherever needed.
  • It is very practical to set up and transport.
  • It is customized to follow the health regulations of the requested country.
  • It is produced from long-lasting material and can be used in any climate.
  • Dimensions can be increased up to 53 ft. long.
  • Can be used independently.
  • It can be integrated into a hospital building.
  • It has all the necessary facilities.

Mobile CT Scan Trailer Manufacturing

Vertisa mobile performs ct scan trailer manufacturing on a project basis, completely in line with the needs. Vertisa mobile, which is very sensitive to technology, constantly updates its ct scan trailer manufacturing works. Vertisa, which reveals the greatest performance with affordable costs, is a trailer manufacturing company that receives intense mobile unit demands around the world. Equipping its mobile ct scan and MRI clinic with smart technology in line with the demands, vertisa satisfies its customers with its expandable mobile ct scan.

Expandable Ct-Scan Trailer

An expandable ct scan trailer is a mobile medical unit that can have the greatest working area as a result of Vertica’s combination of technology experience and mobility. Expandable ct scan trailer installation is carried out in a short time with hydraulic remote control. For this, first of all, the ct scan trailer is placed in the area to be used. Then one or more of the different options on the remote control are selected. After that, in a very long time, the expandable ct scan trailer is made ready for the service of the users with a wide and spacious working area. You can contact our expert technical team immediately to get more detailed information about the Expandable ct scan trailer.