Vertisa Mobile Workshop Trailer

Mobile Workshop Trailer

A mobile workshop trailer is a mobile unit designed to carry out on-site workshops for different purposes in various locations. The mobile workshop is wide enough to accommodate all your equipment and is fully customizable. The mobile workshop trailer can be used easily in all climatic conditions and long road conditions. Making use of technology, Vertisa mobile workshop equips the trailer with smart technology and presents it to its users. The mobile workshop trailer, which is designed in the desired dimensions, allows more than one employee to do the same job.

Mobile Workshop Trailer Manufacturing

Vertisa mobile workshop operates entirely from user specifications in the field of manufacturing. The mobile workshop, which has wide options dimensions, is produced by European quality standards. The mobile workshop trailer, which can be produced with the expandable feature according to preference, is customized to be suitable for all kinds of workshops. With the mobile workshop trailer, which can be projected in the form of an enclosed trailer workshop or truck, you can carry out your work wherever you want and whenever you want.

Enclosed Trailer Workshop

An enclosed trailer workshop is a mobile trailer solution produced by mounting on a vehicle or truck chassis according to user demands. With the enclosed trailer workshop, you can take the workshop equipment you need wherever you want and carry out your work there. For detailed information about the enclosed trailer workshop, which is designed and produced in different sizes in line with the needs, you can immediately contact our expert technical teams serving within Vertisa.

Mobile Workshop Truck

The mobile workshop truck, which is highly resistant to difficult terrain and long road distances, is produced by Vertisa in different sizes according to user specifications. The mobile workshop truck, which has a very solid structure, is very easy to maintain. It becomes possible to carry out your workshops in different locations with the high-performance mobile workshop at affordable costs.

Expandable Workshop Trailer

Expandable workshop trailer Vertisa is a mobile unit that has been developed as a result of expert R&D group studies, providing the largest space efficiency. Equipped with smart technology, the expandable workshop trailer is designed according to the needs. The mobile workshop setup, which can be easily moved to the desired location, is also very practical.

Mobile Expandable Trailer Workshop Setup

Mobile expandable trailer workshop setup is very practical for users. The expandable trailer workshop is controlled by hydraulic remote control. For this, the workshop trailer is positioned appropriately to the area to be used. After that, all that needs to be done is to select and press one or more of the appropriate options on the remote control. Within minutes, the mobile expandable trailer expands outward from the side walls. Thus, workshops can be carried out in a larger and more spacious environment.

Custom Workshop Trailer Usage Areas

In cases where various workshops are needed in remote areas, the custom workshop trailer provides great convenience to its users. Custom mobile workshop trailer with a flexible structure that can differ within the framework of needs;

  • Vehicle maintenance service
  • Electricity service
  • It can be used for different purposes such as machine repair service.

Workshop Trailer For Sale

Vertisa has been customizing the workshop trailer for all users who need a workshop trailer for sale for many years. Thus, it carries out project-based workshop trailer productions to bring together really functional and fully-needed important criteria. Vertisa has been a pioneer in this field for years, producing various trailer solutions in a modern sense with its expert R&D group and engineers, and professional and experienced production team. If you are looking for a workshop trailer for sale and you want a trailer workshop that has the potential to meet your needs, you can contact our expert technical teams right away.