Vertisa Mobile X-Ray and Gynecology Trailer

Mobile X-Ray and Gynecology Trailer

The mobile x-ray and gynecology trailer manufactured by Vertisa is a mobile medical solution that provides unmatched ease of use, and durable and superior quality digital imaging. The mobile x-ray and gynecology clinic, which can be used easily in every region and every climate, is modernized by Vertisa. With the fully customizable mobile x-ray and gynecology clinic, various medical scans can be performed on-site at different locations and offer an early diagnosis. Vertisa mobile produces mobile x-ray and gynecology clinics with expandability according to demand.

Mobile X-Ray Clinic / Mobile X-Ray Unit / Mobile X-Ray Trailer

A Mobile x-ray clinic is a portable mobile unit that offers medical imaging in various fields. Mobile x-ray clinic; Also known as mobile x-ray unit or mobile x-ray trailer. Mobile x-ray clinic;

  • Mobile IT
  • Mobile mammography
  • Mobile MRI
  • Mobile ultrasound
  • Mobile radiology
  • Mobile may include various combinations such as x-rays.

Thanks to the mobile x-ray clinic, areas that are deprived of health services can be easily reached. With the mobile x-ray clinic, routine health checks can be made, as well as helping the diagnosis and treatment of injured and patients

Mobile Gynecology Clinic / Mobile Gynecology Unit / Mobile Gynecology Trailer

A mobile gynecology clinic can be a stand-alone mobile trailer unit, or it can be found in the same trailer together with mobile x-ray or other clinics. Mobile gynecology clinic; It is also known by different names such as mobile gynecology unit or mobile gynecology trailer. These mobile units, which allow gynecological patient examination in different regions independently, can also be integrated with a sanitary facility. Vertisa mobile designs and manufactures the gynecology clinic in line with user demands.

Expandable X-Ray Trailer

An expandable x-ray trailer is a mobile unit developed by Vertisa based on end-user needs. Expandable x-ray, which offers the largest space comfort, is hydraulically expandable and is controlled by remote control and installed. The first thing to do for this is to position the mobile x-ray trailer in a suitable area. Then it will be enough to select one or more of the different options on the hydraulic remote control according to your needs and press it. Within minutes, the expandable x-ray is ready for use with its new and larger area. You can contact our expert technical team immediately to get detailed information about the Expandable x-trailer.

Mobile X-Ray Vehicle

A mobile x-ray vehicle is a mobile hospital unit developed by Vertisa according to user needs. The mobile x-ray vehicle, which can be produced in the desired width and length, is a medical unit that can be easily transported to any area where it is needed and can be used immediately. A mobile x-ray vehicle can also be used as a more imaging center in a hospital building.

General Features of Mobile X-Ray & Mobile Gynecology

Mobile x-ray and mobile gynecology units have been developed to ensure the continuity and expansion of health services. Mobile x-ray and mobile gynecology units manufactured by Vertisa on a project basis;

  • It has basic rooms such as reception, staff room, viewing room, toilet.
  • Radiology room is produced from a single piece of lead plate.
  • Can be integrated into a sanitary facility and used as a cost-effective supplementary imaging center.
  • It can be easily transported to any area needed and installed practically.
  • Provides bridge service when an existing hospital building cannot be used for various reasons.
  • It can be easily cleaned and disinfected immediately.
  • Hepa has filtration, air conditioning, and water plant systems.

Mobile X-Ray Trailer Manufacturing

Mobile x-ray trailer manufacturing working have gained momentum to spread health services to a wider area and to make important breakthroughs in early diagnosis and treatment processes. Mobile x-ray medical units, which are much more affordable cost and more functional than an imaging center, are highly resistant to harsh climate and road conditions. Vertisa, which follows the technology closely, has the vision to offer the highest quality trailer-based mobile solutions to the demands. Mobile x-ray and gynecology clinics, equipped with smart technology, attract great attention worldwide and receive a large number of requests. Vertisa responds to these demands with a fast, high-quality, and reasonable price guarantee in the field of mobile x-ray trailers, as in all mobile unit solutions.