Vertisa Project Based Medical Trailer

Project Based Medical Trailer

Project-based mobile medical trailer is a mobile unit manufactured by Vertisa in line with the specifications of health institutions-organizations. Staying away from mass production, Vertisa concentrates on the production of the customized project-based mobile medical trailer for every need. It produces a medical trailer in a self-sufficient form according to its medical specialty. It provides the largest space comfort to the users of the medical trailer, which it produces in expandable type according to demand.

Project-Based Medical Clinic

Continuing its worldwide trailer production work for 30 years in Turkey, Vertisa offers various types of medical trailers needed with its project-based medical clinic. Vertisa, which successfully combines the technical knowledge and mobility that it closely follows, offers fast, high quality and fully functional solutions in project-based medical trailer production. It structures project-based medical clinics according to their specialization.

Project-Based Healthcare Trailer

Vertisa provides various services to many countries in project-based healthcare trailer production. With Vertisa, each user gets the best project-based healthcare trailer for their needs. Healthcare trailer units, which are designed specifically for each user outside of the standards, are designed to show high performance in every field and every climate. Thanks to its fast and easy installation, you can contact our expert technical teams immediately to get more detailed information about the project-based healthcare trailer, which has been modernized according to various medical specialties.

Project-Based Trailer Manufacturing

Vertisa produces products in European quality standards in the field of project-based trailer manufacturing. Vertisa, which offers robustness, usability, and a reasonable price guarantee, carries out its project-based trailer manufacturing works within the framework of advanced technical knowledge and 30 years of experience. Project-based trailer clinics adapted to various medical specialties as needed;

  • Mobile dental clinic trailer
  • Mobile CT scan and MRI clinic
  • Mobile mammography trailer
  • Mobile dialysis trailer
  • Mobile lab trailer
  • Adaptable to mobile emergency care trailer and much more.

Project Based Medical Trailer General Features

Project-based medical trailer products manufactured by Vertisa and fully customizable;

  • It is cost-effective.
  • It can be adapted for any purpose.
  • They can be used independently as well as integrated into a facility.
  • It can be used easily in any required area.
  • Internal and external structures are quite aesthetic.
  • It has all the necessary equipment to work independently.
  • Produced as expandable mobile trailer units upon request.
  • It is manufactured by the scope of health services and climatic conditions of the requested country.
  • It is practical to transport and set up.
  • It can be produced in different lengths other than the standards according to the needs.

Project-Based Trailer Company

The main purpose of a project-based trailer company is to produce trailer types that can fully meet the needs. For this, it is very important to closely follow the needs of the users and the sector and to make robust analyzes. Vertisa, a project-based trailer company, has an expert R&D group that works hard on this subject. As a result of the work of the Vertisa expert R&D group, which closely follows the technology, its customers produce results that exceed their expectations. Project-based trailer units equipped with smart technology provide the greatest efficiency to their users and cost more affordable prices.