Vertisa Modular Container Shower

Modular Container Shower

Modular container shower; This is a modular unit suitable for use in various areas such as sports halls, indoor or outdoor swimming pools, recreational facilities, mines, and construction site works. Vertisa is a pioneer in modular container shower manufacturing worldwide. It produces modular container showers on a project-based basis for every need by international standards. Vertisa, which is constantly up to date and innovative in all modular building constructions with an innovative perspective and user specifications, has the same vision in the field of modular container showers.

Modular Container Shower Unit General Properties

Vertisa designs and manufactures modular container shower units suitable for every need. It also provides technical support when needed in turnkey modular container shower unit assembly. In general, the modular shower unit is made of quality materials;

  • It can be used as a single layer or multi storey.
  • It can be self-contained when used as a stand-alone module.
  • It has a water facility and a wastewater drainage system.
  • Lighting is available.
  • It has a hot water system.
  • It has lockable doors.
  • It can be adapted according to the climatic conditions of the country to be used.
  • Its interior and exterior design is modern.
  • Can be combined with a modular toilet unit.

Modular Container Shower Manufacturing and Vertisa

Vertisa has been serving the design, manufacture, and assembly of modular units worldwide for more than 30 years. It has also added modular container shower manufacturing to the production of modular units, based entirely on user specifications rather than mass production. Vertisa, which demonstrates modular container shower manufacturing works with its innovative and modern understanding, continues to make its customers smile with quality, functionality, speed, and affordable costs. You can contact our expert technical teams immediately to get more detailed information about modular container shower manufacturing, which is carried out in full teamwork with its expert production team and experienced engineers.

Project-Based Modular Shower

In the project-based modular shower area, Vertisa considers the space and user needs. With Vertisa, which never compromises on quality and reliability, it is possible to get Project-based modular showers for every need. Evaluating demands for dimensions, interior design, exterior design, capacity, and more, Vertisa always prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Container-Based Shower Advantages

It provides many advantages to container-based shower users, produced by Vertisa on a project basis for many countries. Container-based shower, which is increasingly used all over the world within the framework of its advantages and general features, also has a wide range of uses. container-based shower advantages;

  • Much more economical than building a traditional shower building.
  • It has a fast production stage.
  • It can be produced together with a modular toilet unit.
  • It does not need mortar bricks in its installation.
  • It can be configured as multi-storey or single-storey.
  • It can be dismantled and re-installed in another place when it needs to be relocated.
  • The installation process is quite fast.
  • Many features are determined according to user needs.

Modular Container Shower Dimensions

Modular container shower, which is produced at high quality on a project basis, can be produced in different sizes. No matter what size it is produced, Vertisa never compromises on functionality and quality. Modular container shower, which can be produced outside of standard sizes according to the needs;

  • 52 m2
  • 62 m2
  • 70 m2
  • 82 m2
  • 97 m2
  • It has different options such as 145 m2. Apart from these, the dimensions can be rearranged according to the needs. You can get more detailed information about all modular units and modular container shower units by contacting Vertisa technical teams immediately.