Vertisa Modular Criminal Research Lab Unit

Modular Criminal Research Lab Unit

A modular criminal research lab unit; is a container-based unit developed to collect evidence in case of any forensic investigation. The modular criminal research lab unit, manufactured by Vertisa on a project-based basis in desired dimensions and features, is much more cost-effective states and has many more functional users. With the modular criminal research lab unit, fingerprints, blood tests, urine tests, ballistic tests and much more can be done.

Modular Research Lab Unit General Features

The modular research lab unit, which is called different names such as modular laboratory (modular lab), prefabricated laboratory units (prefab lab), modular science labs, and container-based criminal lab unit, are units used as various scientific research and examination laboratories. The modular research lab unit offers various advantages for the user;

  • Allows for police or military investigations.
  • It has basic units such as toilet, kitchen, archive office, registry office, rest room, and laboratory.
  • Dimensions can be stretched according to need.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • The walls are heat insulated.
  • It is produced from stainless and solid material.
  • It has an internet and electricity system.
  • Suitable for long or short-term use.

Modular Laboratory (Modular Lab)

Modular laboratory (modular lab) is an alternative name for the modular criminal research lab unit. The modular laboratory, which can be installed and used for the short or long term in all climatic conditions, can be dismantled from its current location and re-installed in another area if necessary. It can be configured as a stand-alone modular container unit, or it can be designed as many modular structures

Prefabricated Laboratory Units (Prefab Lab)

Modular criminal labs, also called prefabricated laboratory units or prefab labs, are produced on a project basis within the framework of user specifications. Vertisa is a pioneer in the production of prefabricated laboratory units by international quality standards. It offers fast, solution-oriented, and cost-effective solutions to the demands of prefab labs received from many countries.

Modular Science Labs

Modular science labs, which are frequently preferred in the field of criminal research and investigation, can be used for different purposes in different fields. It has the same features and equipment as a traditional science lab, and its use is becoming more and more common thanks to the advantages it offers to its users. Vertisa customizes these modular structures in line with the needs of the field to be used in the production of modular science labs

Container-Based Criminal Lab Unit Benefits

  • Much more cost-effective than building a traditional criminal lab.
  • It can be installed as a single storey or multi storey.
  • It must not mortar bricks or similar materials for its installation.
  • Its construction is fast.
  • It is possimoveelocate when necessary.
  • It can be integrated with other modular structures if needed.
  • A new modular structure can be added to the existing modular system when needed.
  • It can be used in all climatic conditions.

Vertisa in Modular Lab Unit Manufacturing

Having an innovative perspective, Vertisa designs and manufactures modular structures based on user needs. Vertisa, which has carried out professional studies in the field of modular lab unit manufacturing, has become one of the most well-known companies worldwide. Continuing its work in modular lab unit manufacturing with its expert R&D group, professional production team, and engineers, Vertisa always prioritizes customer satisfaction. Utilizing all the possibilities of technology in manufacturing, it produces functional modular structures at the greatest level. You can get more detailed information about our modular lab unit manufacturing studies and sample projects by contacting our expert technical teams immediately.