Vertisa Modular Dialysis Unit

Modular Dialysis Unit

A modular dialysis unit; is a modular clinic manufactured on a container-based basis. It is designed, projected, and manufactured in the desired length and width by Vertisa. It is also known as a container-based dialysis clinic. A modular dialysis unit can be used as a stand-alone modular structure or in many clinics. It can even be used as a separate dialysis unit by integrating with the modular hospital facility that includes different clinics.

What is a Container-Based Dialysis Clinic?

Developed by Vertisa with an innovative perspective, the container-based dialysis clinic is customized to desired dimensions and features. Also called modular dialysis container. Container-based dialysis clinic, which can be produced optionally with an expandable feature, can be easily installed in every area needed and equipped with the necessary equipment according to the need. The container-based dialysis clinic, which is produced from highly durable and long-lasting materials, can be used independently or integrated into a modular system. You can get more detailed information and offer about the container-based dialysis clinic by contacting Vertisa, which evaluates all possibilities for the optimization of health studies.

Modular Dialysis Container

A modular dialysis container is another name for a container-based dialysis clinic. The modular dialysis container, which is fully customizable, is produced in a modern way for kidney patients to receive dialysis treatment with the greatest comfort. With the modular dialysis container, which is optionally manufactured in expandable structures, it becomes possible to provide healthcare services in very large environments. Thanks to these modular structures, which can also be integrated with a hospital facility, heavy patient traffic can be avoided.

Modular Dialysis Clinic General Features

Modular dialysis clinic, which is manufactured by international quality standards by vertisa on a project basis, besides having a wide area of ​​use;

  • It has the potential to be self-sufficient.
  • It has a modern appearance.
  • A modular dialysis clinic can serve 10 dialysis patients at the same time.
  • It is practical to manufacture, assemble and disassemble.
  • It has a flexible structure that can be updated within the framework of technology opportunities and needs.
  • It has basic units such as a patient waiting room, dialysis room, patient reception room, and health personnel room.
  • It is designed and produced by the health regulation laws of the requested country.
  • It can be used in all climatic conditions and is produced from long-lasting materials.
  • It is easy to clean.

Vertisa in Modular Dialysis Clinic Manufacturing

Vertisa has been serving the world in modular dialysis clinic manufacturing for 30 years. The main target for Vertisa, which is a full team with its expert R&D group, experienced production team, and engineers, is to provide solution-oriented approaches and to ensure customer satisfaction. Thanks to its innovative perspective, Vertisa is a pioneer in this field, constantly updating its modular dialysis clinics in parallel with the constantly advancing technology. Optionally, the modular dialysis clinic can also be produced as expandable. Thus, the largest space comfort is provided for users and kidney patients enjoy a treatment in more comfortable areas.

What are the Advantages of the Pre-Fabricated Modular Dialysis Unit?

The pre-fabricated modular dialysis unit, which is increasingly used in countries around the world, has many advantages for health investments of states, providing services in a comfortable environment for health workers, and patients not experiencing congestion. Other advantages of the pre-fabricated modular dialysis unit that Vertisa produces professionally;

  • Production and installation are provided in a very short time.
  • Dense patient population is prevented.
  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain.
  • This can be done practically when relocation is required.
  • It can be integrated into a sanitary facility and used as an extra dialysis clinic.
  • It can be designed as a single storey or multi storey.