Vertisa Modular School Unit

Modular School Unit

A modular school unit; is a container-based modular unit with a fully customizable structure designed to meet the educational needs of our constantly evolving age. The fully functional modular school unit, which appeals to various education levels such as nursery, primary school, high school, or university, is produced by Vertisa on a project-based basis by international quality standards. Vertisa, serving worldwide, constantly updates its modular school units within the framework of the specifications of the education sector and users.

Portable School General Features

Portable school, which offers significant advantages in various aspects, is produced by Vertisa as container-based modular units. Portable school in general;

  • Its capacity is projected within the framework of needs.
  • Lengths and widths are rearranged according to preference outside the standards.
  • It can contain all the equipment required for a school building.
  • It has basic units such as toilet, laboratory, canteen, classrooms, staff room.
  • It can be assembled as a single-storey or multi-storey.
  • It has systems such as a water plant, electricity plants, wastewater plants, and wi-fi.
  • Interior and exterior designs are produced in a modern way.
  • It has fire prevention equipment.

Modular School Building Advantages

A modular school building has been developed to provide education services in an uninterrupted and modern environment. Advantages of the modular school building manufactured and assembled by Vertisa on a project basis;

  • Much more cost-effective than a traditional school building.
  • Production and assembly are completed in a short time.
  • It has a flexible structure that can be updated practically.
  • It is suitable for use as single or multi-layered.
  • It has all the necessary details for teachers and students.
  • It has a fully functional structure designed to look like a traditional school building.
  • It can be used easily in all climatic conditions.
  • It is more economical labor since materials such as brick and mortar are not used in its installation.

Prefab Modular School Setup

Prefab modular school, which can be adapted to all education levels from kindergarten to university, is very helpful for users and governments in every way. A prefab modular school is installed wherever you want by Vertisa’s expert assembly team. If necessary, an installation team of your own is trained by Vertisa in this regard. Prefab modular unit with easy and fast installation in any situation;

  • Can be used as a single container classroom.
  • Many prefab modular classrooms can be mounted side-by-side to turn them into a fully equipped training home.
  • Prefab modular schools can also be installed as multi-storey structures.
  • When there is a need for more classrooms, more laboratories, or a different extra space to a traditional school building, a prefab modular school can be integrated into the school building.
  • When a fully equipped modular school cannot meet the needs in various aspects, new prefab modular classes can be created and integrated with the modular school.

Modular Training Room (Container Training Unit) Application Areas

Vertisa constantly updates a modular training room (container training unit) according to end-user needs. Vertisa, which designs solution-oriented modular training rooms by completely focusing on user needs, carries out productions in European quality standards. Container training unit application areas;

  • Modular classes
  • Modular laboratories
  • Modular computer rooms
  • Modular gyms
  • Modular halls
  • Modular drama, music or practice rooms, and much more.

Modular School Buildings For Sale

For your modular school building for sale needs, you can contact Vertisa immediately and get a quote. You can get more detailed information about the modular school building, which has the potential to fully meet your needs, by contacting Vertisa, which guarantees quality, speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Vertisa is a professional modular plant manufacturer that opens up to the world from Turkey, which stands by its customers with reasonable payment terms and reasonable prices.