Vertisa Modular Stage and Theater

Modular Stage and Theater

Modular stage and theater are container-based modular structures used for various purposes in different sizes depending on the need. It can be installed anywhere easily and quickly. Activities such as various shows, concerts, advertisements, or promotions can be offered with the modular stage and theater for crowded people. A modular stage and theater can also be used for a commercial organization.

Modular Stage Platform General Specifications

The modular stage platform, which is produced by Vertisa on a project basis for many countries, is designed according to the needs. Modular stage platform in general;

  • It has wide options dimensions.
  • It has important equipment such as air conditioning, electricity, and a sound system.
  • More than one modular stage and theater can be used by combining them as single-storey or multi-storey, depending on preference.
  • It consists of basic units such as dressing rooms, costume room, make-up room, rest room, and stage.
  • It is produced from very durable and long-lasting material.
  • It is easy to maintain and clean.
  • The number of windows and rooms is determined according to needs.
  • It has optional toilet and bathroom units.

Portable Modular Stage and Modular Theater Usage Areas

Some usage areas for portable modular stages and modular theaters designed for various purposes and manufactured in a short time;

  • Dance scene
  • Theater show
  • Promotion or advertising organization
  • Concert stage
  • Event or show center at fairs
  • Theater or dance training center
  • Fashion catwalk
  • Church staging
  • Performance unit for schools and more…

Vertisa in Portable Modular Stage Manufacturing

Vertisa does not make mass productions in the field of portable modular stage manufacturing. Vertisa, which focuses entirely on needs, puts forward portable modular stage manufacturing works by internationally accepted quality standards. Vertisa, which has been designing, developing, and manufacturing modular units for 30 years, produces modern portable modular stages with an innovative perspective. You can get more detailed information about portable modular stage manufacturing and all other modular structures by contacting Vertisa, which offers a wide range of portable modular stage options to its customers within the framework of different sizes and different features.


What are the Container-Based Stage Advantages?

Container-based stage advantages provided by Vertisa in different styles according to needs;

  • Its assembly is fast and practical.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It can be used temporarily or permanently.
  • It can be arranged as a single storey or multi storey.
  • Its layout is fully customizable.
  • It can be used in all kinds of climatic conditions.
  • It is produced from long-lasting, quality materials.