Vertisa Modular Toilet (WC) Unit

Modular Toilet (WC) Unit

A modular toilet unit; is a container-based unit with various usage areas. The modular toilet (WC) unit is manufactured by Vertisa on a project-based basis by high-quality standards. A modular toilet (WC) unit, which has a very aesthetic structure, is also known as a prefab toilet. It has the potential to be self-sufficient when used alone. It can also be used as many modular toilet (WC) units as needed. It can be combined with the shower cabin as many times as needed.

Modular Toilet General Features

The modular toilet is produced worldwide by Vertisa on a project basis. Modular toilets, which can be used in various areas such as companies, schools, hospitals, and picnic areas, can be mounted side by side or can be mounted on top of each other to turn them into a multi-storey structure. The modular toilet, which can be divided into male and female, can also be combined with modular shower units. These modular structures, which are much more economical than the construction of a traditional toilet building, are completely customizable. It can be delivered disassembled. It is made of very durable material. It has important details such as LED lighting, automatic doors, an air conditioning system, water facility.

Modular Washroom

A modular washroom is designed within the framework of the area and needs to be used and produced by Vertisa to international quality standards. It can be combined with a modular toilet. It is adaptable according to the physical conditions and climatic conditions of the country and place to be used. The modular washroom has a kit and a clean water facility. It has a structure that can provide a continuous hot water supply.

Modular Toilet And Shower Usage Areas

Modular toilet and shower, which can be adapted to various specifications, have wide usage areas. Some of those;

  • On the school campus
  • Near the gym
  • Near the construction site
  • Picnic areas
  • On the beaches
  • Near various businesses
  • Next to the hospital
  • It can be used in military areas.

Vertisa in Modular Toilet Manufacturing

Vertisa has been designing, developing, and manufacturing modular systems for more than 30 years. Vertisa, which has achieved significant success in the field of modular toilet manufacturing, continues to receive intense demand in this field from many countries. In the field of project-based modular toilet manufacturing, Vertisa stays away from mass production. Vertisa needs to offer special modular solutions for individuals, institutions, or organizations. Apart from standard sizes, it never compromises on quality in the field of modular toilet manufacturing, which it produces in different sizes according to needs.


Project Base Modular Toilet

In project-based modular toilet works, Vertisa takes a solution-oriented approach to incoming demands. With the project-based modular toilet, it becomes possible to achieve truly field-oriented solutions. Different sizes, different numbers of modular toilets, and interior and exterior design can be easily determined in this way.

Prefab Toilet Advantages

Some of the advantages of prefab toilets produced by Vetisa on a project basis within the framework of high-quality needs are;

  • Installation time is short.
  • The production phase does not take much time.
  • It is more cost-effective than the traditional toilet and shower structures.
  • It can be used in all climatic conditions.
  • It can be mounted side by side or used on many floors.
  • It is produced from light and strong material.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Modular solution suitable for renovation and upgrade.

Modular Toilet And Shower Setup

Modular toilet and shower installation can be done by Vertisa’s expert installation team, or it can be installed by the personnel who work depending on the customer who is trained by them. A modular toilet and shower can be installed side by side, one after the other, or can be installed as a multi-storey modular facility by mounting one on top of the other. The installation of a modular toilet and shower, which differs completely depending on user preference, does not need you to visit materials such as mortar or bricks. It is ready for use in a very short time.