Vertisa Modular workshop Unit

Modular workshop Unit

A modular workshop unit; is a container-based unit built as a single-storey or multi-storey structure where various production works can be carried out. The modular workshop unit can be used for various production purposes. The modular workshop, produced by Versita on a project-based basis, has a rapidly increasing usage momentum in the world. In parallel with the constantly advancing technology, the modular workshop unit, which is constantly being renewed by Vertisa’s expert R&D group, is transformed into fully functional structures.

Workshop Container Usage Areas

Within the framework of the advantages it provides to the users of the Workshop container unit, its usage area is also increasing. Workshop container manufactured by Vertisa in European quality standards;

  • Steel structure warehouse
  • Plane production workshop
  • Various material production workshop
  • Hangar
  • Agricultural structure
  • It can be adapted to the needs of various fields such as hobby production.

Modular Hobby Zone Workshop

With the modular hobby zone workshop, you can easily perform your various activities wherever you want. Whether for commercial or recreational purposes, the modular hobby zone workshop, which appeals to you, can be customized within the framework of your demands. A hobby zone workshop;

  • Painting workshop
  • Wood production workshop
  • It can be designed as a painting workshop. To get the workshop of your dreams, you can immediately contact our expert technical teams.

Modular Workshop System Installation Options

A stand-alone modular workshop has the potential to provide a solution to your needs. Yet, if you need a larger and more crowded workshop; Modular workshop systems can be installed side by side or by mounting on top of each other. More crowded and complex workshops can be easily achieved with a single-storey or multi-storey modular workshop system. The modular workshop, which has reached a significant number of users with its cost-effective and shorter installation time, has been produced and continues to be produced on a project basis by Vertisa in many countries.

Prefab Modular Workshop General Features

Prefab modular workshops can be customized to meet the needs of various institutions and organizations. Prefab modular workshop, which Vertisa adapts for various specifications without sacrificing quality;

  • It can be assembled as a single-storey or multi-storey.
  • It is produced from steel material.
  • It has the potential to contain your necessary equipment.
  • It can be used in all climatic conditions.
  • It has the potential to be used alone.
  • It can be integrated with other workshop structures.
  • Optionally, it has special units such as toilets, showers, and restrooms for employees.

Modular Workshop Manufacturing and Vertisa

As in the production of all modular structures, Vertisa is known for its project-based works within the framework of the individual, institution, or organization-based specifications, far from mass production, in the field of modular workshop manufacturing. Modular workshop manufacturing, which is constantly updated by the expert R & D group and presented to its users in its most functional form, is completed in a very short time and its assembly is provided. The assembly phase can be done by Vertisa’s expert team, or it can be provided after the necessary training has been given to a team belonging to you. You can contact our expert technical teams immediately to get more detailed information about the modular workshop manufacturing process that best suits your needs with its experienced and professional team.

Project Based Modular Workshop

Vertisa focuses on project-based modular workshop manufacturing as it focuses entirely on solution-oriented approaches. Thus, instead of a standard modular workshop, it designs and manufactures a modular workshop that appeals to the field of use and its user. Vertisa, which produces project-based modular workshops around the world with its 30 years of experience in this field, offers its customers the guarantee of customer satisfaction, quality production, and affordable cost.