Vertisa Trailer Based Mobile Hospital

Trailer Based Mobile Hospital

Trailer-based mobile hospital; this is a mobile hospital unit manufactured on a project basis within the framework of the country’s health regulations requested by Vertisa. Trailer-based mobile hospital, which has the feature of practical installation and delivery, equips the hospital with Vertisa smart technology. The trailer-based mobile hospital, which is produced with the expandable feature according to demand, offers the most space comfort to its users.

Expandable Trailer Based Hospital

An expandable trailer-based hospital is a customizable mobile unit developed by Vertisa based on the health services specifications. The expandable trailer-based hospital installation, which can be adapted to all kinds of clinics, is provided with hydraulic remote control. After the Trailer based hospital is located in a suitable place, it will be enough to select and press the appropriate keys from the different options on the remote control. Within minutes, the expandable trailer-based hospital is ready for use with the largest space efficiency. With the expandable trailer hospital, which can be used easily in any climate and terrain, it becomes very practical and economical to ensure continuity in health services.

Trailer Based Mobile Hospital General Features

The trailer-based mobile hospital is a mobile hospital unit designed to provide various health services in different areas. Generally, a trailer-based mobile hospital;

  • It can be easily transported to the desired location by any motor vehicle.
  • Its installation is very practical.
  • It is much more economical than building a hospital facility.
  • It can be adapted to the clinics needed.
  • Its interior and exterior appearance are aesthetically pleasing.
  • It is customized according to the health regulations of the requested country.
  • Optionally, it is hydraulically expandable.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • It can be used independently since it has the necessary systems that can be self-sufficient.
  • It can be integrated with a sanitary facility.

Trailer-Based Mobile Hospital Applications

Trailer-based mobile hospitals are mobile hospital units designed and produced by Vertisa in a fully functional and need-oriented manner. Applications of the trailer-based mobile hospital within the framework of demands;

  • Mobile ct-scan and MRI trailer
  • Mobile medical trailer
  • Mobile mammography trailer
  • Mobile Opthalmology trailer
  • Mobile vaccine transport trailer
  • Mobile dialysis treatments
  • Mobile multi-clinic trailer and more.

You can contact our expert teams immediately to decide on the trailer-based mobile hospital unit that suits your needs, to get information, and get a quote.

Trailer-Based Hospital Manufacturing

Trailer-based hospital manufacturing is constantly updated and modernized based on end-user needs. Vertisa always works with teams that are truly the best in their field within the framework of professional trailer-based hospital manufacturing studies. With its expert R&D group, solution-oriented project team, and experienced engineers, Vertisa continues its world-class, modern and technology-equipped trailer-based hospital manufacturing works in Turkey. Continuing its custom trailer hospital work entirely within the framework of sectoral specifications, Vertisa has succeeded in becoming a globally recognized trailer manufacturing company.